24 Clock Widget FAQ


Somewhere there is a plot, a race against time. Track the most precious resource, down to the second with 24 Clock Widget.

Aren’t you being a bit dramatic? This is just a simple Android widget.

Double agent? Triple Agent? Measure the getaway with split second timing.

I’m sure a real field agent would never rely on this, let’s stop the charade.

Hourly chimes remind you of ticking seconds until the peril has passed. Glad this thing has an instruction manual.

I’m sure a real field agent doesn’t need the extra stress of ticking seconds.

I’ll wait for the movie, thank you very much. Read at your own risk.

App Issues

What’s the most recent version of 24 Clock Widget?

Get the newest version: Day 2. It’s a full featured upgrade ready for anything, now onĀ Google Play.


Tips from a Field Agent

Are those “real” seconds?

You betcha! The challenges involved are classified, but enjoy the hard work.


What happens if you load up more than one widget?

Your field agent rating goes from rookie to expert. Only the best agents have discovered the trick, running the clock on every screen provides, the time, all the time.


Why does the app require permissions?

Short answer: That’s classified. Oh I see you brought the “de-classifier” with you, well in that case, no need to get physical. In an attempt to make a better app we have a few non-personal metrics we collect about how the app is used. You can see the items by clicking the 24 Clock Widget Icon, Menu, Report Feedback. Not very exciting we know.