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What is Timeriffic?

You ❤ Android. We do too. But there are times such as school and work and when you are asleep Android doesn’t need to make noise or deplete your battery. That’s why there’s Timeriffic.

Timeriffic is a free and ad-free app that has been installed nearly a million times by users all over the world. We invite you to try it today. Click to make your Android better. Android users ❤ Timeriffic. 

Timeriffic for Family Time

Why donate?

Features inspired from our users that had donation support were:

  • Backup/Restore – Save time and make switching to a new device easy. 
  • Data Sync Toggle – Save money and battery by controlling when accounts sync (Android & Google such as Gmail, Calendar as well as Social Media Accounts)
  • Integration with Shush!  – Timeriffic and Shush work well together, now even better

The lab’s whiteboard is full of inspiration from our user’s who tweet and post to facebook and reguarly. 

At this point you are saying to yourself either. 

 “I use Timeriffic everyday. It’s one of the best apps I own, I would be happy to donate?”


“I am an Android user who likes new useful apps and this seems like a winner.”

Timeriffic for Sleep Time

How does it work? 

The lab rolls with not one but two pots of coffee. We use safety glasses and ensure the code is always clean.

Timeriffic for Work Time

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Timeriffic Limited Edition Postcard

Timeriffic is Relative

Timeriffic Backstory 

A mobile developer excited for the new Android platform, decided to program a “no interface” app just for himself. He put the free app on the then called Google Market where there weren’t many apps at launch. Thousands of miles away a mobile designer who at the time was able to watch each app released in real time because there weren’t that many, found this little app. It was a device timer. It could control the device in a few different ways. The mobile designer emailed the mobile developer with some enthusiastic feedback that could make the app better. The developer thought, “Sure it could, but how?” So he challenged the designer. 

What he got back was the outline for Timeriffic an app that was a mobile timer to save battery life and mute the phone when needed and the developer was inspired. Starting casually the two worked together improving the interface and features along with improving stability. It started to pay off, the star rating began to rise along with the usage. 

In 2010 Google named rdrr.labs a Top Android Developer based on download numbers and a 4+ star rating. It was about this time Timeriffic began to get help from around the world translating the app which is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Danish, German, Hungarian, Italian, Hebrew, Korean and Norwegian with more to come. 

Google I/O 2011 - Timeriffic

In 2011 we were asked if our app could be used at Google’s Developer Conference known as Google I/O. It was flattering and certainly a highlight of the year. We also launched and twitter account @rdrrlabs

In 2012 we continued our international appeal with a review by two of the mobile heavyweights in LG Mobile Chile and Samsung Italia along with reviews from around the world both video and on the web. We also joined Facebook. 

In 2013 we had a slew of reviews from our international audience with a very exciting declaration from Consumer Reports Tech Editor – “My favorite app for Android is Timeriffic.” (video) during a panel on mobile at Columbia University.

In all the years since we have been collecting great quotes about how users love Timeriffic, in many languages. Timeriffic was even suggested to the pilot of the Mars Rover Curiosity. It has helped many couples get sleep filled nights, saved from beeps and chirps of email and texts. People in general love the set it and forget it nature, because it just works. But the best story of all time is still from a mom who bought an Android phone for her daughter just for our app.